Small expander backbox for EF1-LC & EF1-CM modules (Cabinet Only)

Small expander backbox for EF1-LC & EF1-CM modules (Cabinet Only)
Item# EF1-EXP

Product Description

The expander modules provide two loops of Class A or B addressable devices. Each loop module provides 252 Addresses Evax (E 252 per loop) Apollo devices (126 per loop) or 198 System Sensor (SS) devices per loop. The modules may be mounted in the standard Main Cabinet (one or two units or a Separated Cabinet. The Model EF1-EXP-CAB cabinet is used as Separated Cabinet for the remote EF1-LC mounting. A maximum of two loop modules can be installed in one Cabinet. A maximum of four loop modules can be used in a FIRE 1 system.

The expander modules provide the following functions: Two Signaling Line Circuits (SLCs). Up to 126 (Apollo) or 198 (SS) addressable analog devices can be installed to any loop Compatible with System Sensor or Apollo's Discovery and XP95 devices. Each SLC is supervised for removing and adding of devices, and for ground fault for both class A and B. Each SLC is supervised for open-circuit in Class A and Class B. Each SLC provides protection for loop overload or shorting with restart mode. Overload or shorting of one loop, does not have an effect on the other loop